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The Osterberg Grand Cru is nestled on a slight slope set towards the east, south-east. The balanced composition of the soil, made of calcareous marl sandstone is an ideal outset for all varieties of grape.

Grape picking takes place late in the year, taking advantage of the cold breeze blowing from the village of Aubure.

At the Kientzler vineyard, the Osterberg Grand Cru completely integrates the specificities of Riesling and Gewurtztraminer although they are totally different vine stocks. A planting density of 5500 plants per hectare privileges the best expression of this heritage.

What characterises the Osterberg Grand Cru?

The soil and the climate of the Osterberg lend a straightforward mineral touch to these wines, creating successful and classical vintages.



For decades, the Kientzler vineyard has shown its attachment to its heritage. Our “Osterberg’ vintage, produced using Chasselas grapes, since the 50’s, is a perfect example of this culture. The trade name Osterberg Grand Cru established in 1992 confirms this quality.

Terroir and Grand Cru